Interior Repair

Do you have damage in your vehicle's interior?

Whether you are planning to trade your car in, sell it privately, turn it in on a lease.........or even keep it forever, a first impression lasts.

When someone opens the door....what do they see? The condition of the interior can tell a story: "How has this car been maintained?" Even though all the mechanical maintenance is up to date, a rough interior can produce the opposite perception. Worn or ripped leather, dirty carpets, burn holes, and other damaged interior panels give the impression that your vehicle has not been well maintained.

What can be repaired?

Leather Repair

Leather seats take lots of abuse!

Dirt, oils, grease, sun, accidents and just everyday use can make your beautiful seats tired, worn and even torn. But cracks can be removed, tears can be repaired and an OEM matched color can be applied giving them a like-new appearance without the time and expense of replacement. Save hundreds of dollars and make your car attractive again.

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Vinyl Repair 

Did you know that the sides and backs of most "leather seating surfaces" are actually vinyl?

Vinyl is found all over your vehicle, including door panels. consoles, dashes and trim. Showroom Ready technicians restore vinyl by welding a compound into the damaged area, graining the surface, then applying color, to produce a seamless repair. Cuts and tears in vinyl surfaces are among the repairs performed by skilled Showroom Ready technicians every day. Our results are second to none.

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Plastic Repair

Plastic trim comes in a multitude of colors, patterns and compositions. Some are even painted!

Frequently, these pieces are found in high-stress areas and are prone to wear. Showroom Ready technicians have seen it. Everyday we are presented with faded, peeling, cracked, scratched and gouged plastic. Our proprietary products and innovative techniques can bring back the original look and luster to these surfaces.

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Burn Repair

Cigarette burns leave ugly holes in seats and carpets.

But they can be repaired to be virtually invisible. Showroom Ready technicians have the latest in electrostatic and adhesive technology to achieve amazing results. Even burn holes in leather can be repaired using our processes. We can also eliminate the stains and odor cigarettes leave behind.

 406 Burn1 406 Burn1 1 

Carpet Repair

Your carpet is the hardest working part of your interior.

Muddy feet, spilled food and drinks, and just everyday wear and tear can make your carpet look much older than the rest of your vehicle's interior. Showroom Ready technicians can remove stubborn stains, dye faded carpet and repair holes and tears. Even that hole under the gas pedal can be eliminated with the installation of a color matched heel pad.

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