Alloy Wheel Repair  

Improve your vehicle's appearance with Showroom Ready Wheel Restoration and Reconditioning Service. Add the perfect finishing touch to your car and feel more confident driving a vehicle that looks great from every angle.

Showroom Ready offers wheel repair services for several different wheel types with a wide variety of wheel damage. From scratches, gouges and scrapes to cracked or compromised rims, bent wheels and peeling clear coats, our wheel restoration services are the remedy for your wheel damage.

The wheel restoration process begins with a wheel and rim inspection and includes wheel straightening, polishing, buffing, grinding and repainting to ensure that the repaired wheels match all of the other wheels on your vehicle.

Minor wheel straightening and bent wheel repairs can be performed on-site. For more significant damage, including severely cracked or bent rims, Showroom Ready manages off-site repairs.

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Wheel Repair Services:

All of our wheel restoration and wheel painting services come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a Lifetime Repair Warranty. We offer same-day service and have fully trained wheel restoration technicians available to provide reliable, consistent service.

Our wheel repair service technicians receive ongoing training to ensure that they stay current with the latest techniques for wheel polishing, painting, restoration and straightening so they can repair rims of all types. Plus, we invest in state-of-the-art equipment and have standardized quality control processes to ensure minimal down time, consistent results, and environmental compliance during wheel painting, straightening and repairs.

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 Custom Wheel Painting:

In addition to wheel restoration and repairs, Showroom Ready can help you get a specialized look for your vehicle with custom wheel painting. We offer both color matching and custom color changes and finish all of our wheel painting jobs with a powder coat finish for the most attractive and durable finish available. Wheel painting is a great way to add personality to your vehicle or simply to give an older set of wheels a brand new look.

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